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In this section we’ll try to explain the unexplainable; a little something called Skylake Magic.

Skylake Magic includes:

  • It's the small cabin groups, sleeping in bunks with your best friend that you just met yesterday,
  • It's a day trip into Yosemite Valley,
  • It's banana boating on Bass Lake with your buddies,
  • It's lounging on the docks under the warm sun and then taking a dip to cool off,
  • It's the silly skits you come up with for campfire,
  • It's the songs you sing after lunch,
  • It's the counselors,
  • It's the traditions that carry from one year to the next,
  • It's about being around other kids all the time,
  • It's time away from home and the fast pace of life,
  • It's time for kids to be kids!

Summer Camp is about making memories, having fun, new experiences, old and new friendships, confidence building and learning skills to last a lifetime!

"Skylake is a camp where you have lots of fun with so many activities and make lots of friends. It's very special to me and I can't wait to go back next year!"
- Kate Gaffney, age 8, current camper

"I can't imagine my childhood without Skylake Yosemite Camp. Sleeping under the stars, Bass Lake, campfire, Trading Post and breathtaking Yosemite! What amazing memories I have - I would go back for a month in a heartbeat if I could!"
- Martha McKinney, camper 75-82

"Skylake Magic is all about the relationships. The friendships that I made at camp are ones that I will never forget. These were people that helped me to grow, to take risks and to become the person I am today. Whether or not we have stayed in touch, these are people that I know will always be my friends because we shared the bond of Skylake Magic."
- Justin Barnum, camper 91-96, staff 97-01