Activities & Program

Kayaking at Bass Lake

Camp Activities...There is So much to do at Skylake!

At Skylake, campers pick their own activities and set their own schedules each week which gives children the flexibility to do as they choose while also providing them with great diversity to learn new skills.

The pace of a day is as active or slow paced as a camper desires which makes Skylake a unique setting in which all campers can thrive.  During activity periods, campers need to be at an activity but they get to choose which activity to attend.  Parents desiring their children to try a certain activity can also let us know and we'll have the counselor promote that activity with their camper.  

First Activity period starts at 9am, followed by 2nd and 3rd Activities at 10 and 11am. Following Lunch and Siesta, depending on the day, campers either enjoy a chosen activity with their cabin mates or open swim time at the docks or varied activities up "on land". For more detail on the structure of a day, see a sample schedule.

Waterfront Activities are among the favorites at Skylake!

Skylake's large private docks are located on a quiet cove on Bass Lake. It's a short walk down our "swim trail" from the main part of camp to our docks. Here, campers swim in a warm-water lake with an enclosed dock area which is great for our younger swimmers. Waterfront activities are among the favorites at camp! Camp ski boats take campers out on the lake for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and our ever popular "Banana Boat" ride. Camper can also choose a slightly more relaxed water sport and have great fun teaming up in our canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards or taking swim lessons. Free swim and dock relaxation are available every day for all campers. For a closer look at Skylake's Waterfront Activities. 

  • A short walk down the Swim Trail, campers access Skylake’s large private docks located on a quiet cove on Bass Lake.
  • Campers swim in a warm-water lake with an enclosed dock area which is great for our younger swimmers.
  • Free swim and dock relaxation are a daily occurrence for every camper looking to soak up some warm California sun!
  • Waterfront Activities range from a relaxed Stand Up Paddle Board to an exhilarating cruise around Bass Lake aboard a Banana Boat.
  • The waterfront is often buzzing with games such as water relays, greased watermelon, and water polo.
  • Instruction is always available, as is free play, with Skylake’s extensive waterfront equipment.

Land Activities surround our cabins in camp as well as occupy the miles of surrounding Forest Service Land.

Skylake’s land includes a multi-purpose field for soccer/kickball and baseball, a horse arena with miles of forest service land trails to explore, crafts building with every art project imaginable, a ceramics room with wheels and kiln, archery range, challenge ropes course, multi-sided climbing tower, basketball, sand volleyball, tennis courts, and endless other activities…like guitar, ukulele  and drama. Skylake has a full supply of mountain bikes for rides on neighboring single track and fire roads. After dinner each evening, campers are able to take part in twilight sports activities before gathering at our amphitheater like Campfire Circle for nightly campfire…a storied Skylake tradition…with skits, camp songs and games. Throughout the day there are always scheduled flex times as well so campers can relax and enjoy the slow pace of summer camp life and a bit of free play. For a closer look at Skylake's Land Activities. 

  • Multi-purpose field for soccer, baseball, kickball, ultimate frisbee, and more. 
  • Horse arena with miles of forest service land trails to explore
  • Crafts building with every art project imaginable
  • Ceramics room with wheels and kiln
  • Archery range
  • Challenge ropes course
  • Multi-sided climbing tower and cargo net
  • Basketball, sand volleyball & tennis courts
  • Guitar & ukulele, drama and lodge activities such as ping pong, foosball, board games and Legos. 
  • Mountain Biking on neighboring single track and fire roads.

Flex times are always scheduled throughout the day so campers can relax and enjoy the slow pace of summer camp life and supervised free play.

Day Trips and Backpack Outings 

With Yosemite National Park in Skylake's "backyard" and the beautiful Ansel Adams Wilderness high-country also close by, day trips and backpack trips are scheduled for those campers desirous of getting out of camp and experiencing the great outdoors. Day trips into Yosemite Valley and hikes up the mist trail to the top of Vernal Falls is a treasured outing that results in great stories and beautiful photos, any camper desirous of going into Yosemite will be scheduled for a Day Trip. Our two night backpack trips to such treats as Jackass Lakes and Madera Peak are a wonderful way for campers to really experience outdoor living and cooking. There is normally one backpacking trip each week scheduled.  Backpacking trips are based on camper interest, 4 weekers have first choice on backpacking trips. Friendship bonds really strengthen on such excursions and campers seem to come back to camp with a heightened sense and a deeper appreciation for the wilderness. Overnight camp outs to local treasures such as Whiskey Falls are also a treat for younger campers not quite ready for an extended back packing trip. Overnights are also available to older campers as well! For a closer look at Skylake's Trip Program.

Special Days and So Much More… 

Throughout any given week at Skylake, camp breaks into an all inclusive activity whether it be a Special Day such as Wild West Day, a camp dance out under the stars, and of course our nightly campfire. Everyone in camp is somehow involved in the same agenda and it’s amazing to see such cohesion!

So much goes into the meaning of the word “magic” when campers and alumni use the word to describe Skylake. Unique events such as early morning wake ups for the optional “width of the lake swim” or Sunday’s “Cabin Walk Suppers”, to the ever treasured Sunday morning Skytime when camp gathers and shares stories about the week. The list goes on and on…and so does the magic!  For a closer look at Skylake's special programs.