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Village Groups

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Girl's Camp

Boy's Camp

1st - 3rd Chickadee Chipmunk
4th - 5th Warbler Bobcat
6th - 7th Tanager Bear
8th Senior Senior
9th - 10th CILT* CILT*



Camper on paddleboard

"The age of pure innocence and joy."
Skylake's youngest kids arrive in camp with the most refreshing air of openness. Surprisingly, these kids are the least likely to experience homesickness because camp life becomes their new, engaging world. These campers have two staff members living in each cabin with six to seven kids so they receive tons of tender loving care. Children choose their activities allowing them to focus on their favorites at camp while also getting direction from counselors to help them along in trying new activities they might not pick on their own. Chipmunk and Chickadee cabins also normally have a Second Year CILT assigned to their cabin to act as big brother or sister to the cabin and additionally help familiarize younger kids with camp's layout and structure.



Camper on rope swing

"The age of self discovery"
Camp to a 4th or 5th grader is like their own small world, a perfect environment to gain full confidence. During the school year, life is hectic and fast. At camp, everything is on a manageable scale. This is where and how young kids grow, in just a few weeks, at a pace that would be unimaginable at home. When your child arrives home, you will be positive he or she grew four inches in the weeks they were away. And they will definitely "walk taller." As with all age groups, bobcats and warblers are free to sign up for whatever activity they choose and normally sign up with their new found buddies, which offers great opportunities to develop healthy attitudes and play in a team setting.



Campers in life jackets

"The age of little adults"
These 6th and 7th graders are beginning to be faced with real adult issues for the first time. School is definitely becoming challenging and the social issues can be overwhelming. Friends are very important to this age group. The Skylake structure allows kids a chance to be with other kids in a non-competitive, inclusive, safe and friendly environment. This age-group comes away from camp with a new understanding and sensitivity towards life and each other. Bears and Tanagers really enjoy the flex schedule of camp and work well choosing their activities to match their moods, activity level, and need for challenge during a given day. 


Senior Campers

Campers on a boat

"Settling into life as a teenager"
Most Senior Campers have completed the 8th grade. This group of campers is really considered young adults at this point. These campers are "looking for space" but in a strong, supportive environment. At Skylake, we work to provide the appropriate balance between home supervision and camp freedom. Friends are number one to most Seniors and Activity involvement comes in play second. Seniors enjoy moving from Activities in packs or small groups and usually are heard the loudest during camp songs. Senior Campers enjoy an extra hour after campfire every night for social hour which is often structured into a team-play exercise or supervised "hang out" time in the Rec Hall. 


CILTs (Campers In Leadership Training)

Campers piggyback

The CILT program is offered in two successive years to campers that have just completed the 9th and 10th grades, CILT I and CILT II respectively. The CILT I program is only available as a 4-week program.  The CILT II program is now offered as a two week program, with 4 weeks offered on a space available basis. Only returning campers may apply for the CILT program.

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